Friday, September 28, 2007

Generation C
Generation C (also known as Gen C) is the label given to a new generation by trend spotters, media commentators, technology industry observers/CEOs and semioticians. What the C stands for is currently under debate, particularly given the lack of direct research (as opposed to deductive reasoning) on the subject. Although, some believe this to be irrelevant seeing as Generations X & Y do not stand for anything either.
The American Press Association's Media Center describes Gen C as "creating, producing and participating in news in a connected, informed society."

Related Terms and Trends
The proposed title of 'The Content Generation'.

C – Cusp
C – Caring
C – Culture
C – Control
C – Content
C – Channel
C – Criterion
C – Celebrity
C – Cynicism
C – Character
C – Connected
C – Consensus
C – Complexity
C – Collaborative
C – Code (internet coding)
C – Community/Communication
C – Companies/Corporations (most will be working for large companies and/or corporations rather than small or medium sized businesses)
C – Creativity/Creative/Creators (also Creative Class)

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