Monday, November 12, 2007

The Doryphoros (Greek δορυφόρος, lit. "Spear-Bearer"; Latinized as Doryphorus) is one of the best known sculptures of the ancient classical era in Western Art and an early example of Greek classical contrapposto.

Doryphoros Polykleitos
Doryphoros or doryphorus can be used for the original work by Polykleitos, or to describe any sculpture imitating this pose, whether the figure actually bears a spear or not; e.g., the Augustus of Prima Porta which is ostensibly modelled on the Doryphoros.
In Modern Greek, the term means "satellite"; the term φυσική δορυφόρος (physike doryphoros) is used for natural satellites, while artificial satellite is a τεχνητός δορυφόρος (tekhnetos doryphoros). See el:Τεχνητός Δορυφόρος.

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