Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wayne Munn was a professional wrestler and collegiate football player from the University of Nebraska.

Wayne Munn Wrestling career
His fame as a footballer attracted the attention of wrestling star, Ed Lewis and promoters Toots Mondt and Billy Sandow, who prematurely pushed Munn as the next big star in the sport. Munn won the World title from Lewis in 1925, despite his limited wrestling and shooting ability. This backfired on Lewis and his camp, as Munn subsequently lost the Title to Stanislaus Zbyszko in a famous double-cross (shoot), as Zbyszko legitimately pinned Munn, despite agreeing to lose to him prior to the match. Munn, unable to defend himself against Zbyszko's holds, was beaten decisively. Munn held the title for a little over three months.

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